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How to create a minimalist 5 piece French wardrobe

As a creative woman I always like to try new things and happen that during these last days I’ve been thinking about getting into a more minimalist lifestyle, “living a meaningful life with less stuff”. So today I found something that cached my attention: “the rules of the minimalist French wardrobe”.
“It is said” that many French women spend more time in the selection of high quality individual pieces. Under this philosophy, French women spend more money on each individual garment, but purchase fewer garments overall. Thus, French women are able to wear high quality, brand name clothing while spending the same or a lesser amount of money as someone who buys more clothes at cheaper prices. According to many, this is why the French are so chic: they have small wardrobes comprising completely of high quality garments, which they wear year over year.
Having explained this, the principle behind the “five piece French Wardrobe” basically consists in build up yourself with a wardrobe of classic key pieces. Then every season you only buy 5 timeless and higher quality garments to keep your wardrobe up-to-date. The idea is to invest your money in something you will truly enjoy and you can wear over and over again. The final result is a solid closet that is minimalist but high on style.
I really love the idea because one of my life’s philosophies it’s not how much you own but how much you enjoy what you have. That’s why I decided to give it a try. I do believe this rule will help me to avoid buying things I don’t need but at the same time it will teach me how to buy and to enjoy more what I got for my money, even if are only “5 pieces of clothing”.

So here’s how it works.
Number 1. The rules.
1. Fabric and quality is more important than quantity.
2. Basics don’t count (basic tees are always allowed).
3. Accessories don’t count, except if they cost a lot more than usual.
4. Socks and underwear doesn’t count, the rest does.
5. Shoes do count.

Number 2. In order to follow this concept you definitely need to have a solid basic wardrobe, otherwise it will difficult to stay under the rules. But, what is a basic wardrobe?
Black, grey and white loose t-shirt
Black, grey and white tanktop
White or cream blouse, I would recommend a silk one.
Black dress.
Black blazer
Black Cardigan or sweater
Black pants
One pair of good jeans
Black skirt
Leather jacket
A complete black suit
Black pumps
Ankle Boots
Ballerinas/ Sneakers
Gold or silver watch
Black leather bag
Of course these garments varies according to the different climates, social demands and fashion preferences. However consider this list as a “big picture” look at building a basic wardrobe.

Number 3. Do you really want to stick to this minimalist French wardrobe concept? Get rid of the stuff in your closet that you don’t use anymore, it is very easy. Since I am the kind of woman who easily knows what needs to go I already cleaned my closet and keep key basic pieces. (I have really good quality suits and jackets I bought 4-5 years ago and that I still use, that is why I like to buy high quality garments).

Number 4. My wishlist of 5 pieces for this autumn-winter season according to my budget:
1. A nice jacket topped with a faux-fur collar, which I already bought.
2. Original wayfarer, Ray-ban

3. A black leather bag (I prefer a Celine boston bag).

4. Sam Edelman “Roza” pumps

5. A tuxedo-style jacket

I totally love the concept so I am going to stick to it, I’ll see how it goes.


18 thoughts on “How to create a minimalist 5 piece French wardrobe

  1. avatar Sule says:

    Me fascinó, Pau. It’s like spending a thousand dollars on a designer pair of shoes & getting a 20 dollar v neck from h&m. I’m soo loving the idea.

    • avatar paula says:


      If you include in your post the source (mi blog) and a link to it, sure you can reblog it.

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  5. avatar Anastasia says:

    Nice article, I was following this concept without being aware there’s a name for it. :) Fell in love for the first sight with you blog, very chic and clean.

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  10. avatar Lori says:

    This is a fabulous idea. I am so frustrated with my wardrobe and i think high quality pieces are the answer instead of spending so much $ on low quality items that never last or keep shape.

  11. avatar Jeannine says:

    I just minimized my closet to 11 pieces, all black, white and gray. i was sick to see items I just would never wear. Now I’m going over it again with a fine tooth comb. I love the idea of less, but with quality and function. It’s absolutely liberating to see my rather clean closet. Kudos to you!

    Btw, do you have plans to revise or add to great idea?

  12. avatar nancy says:

    love your post! can you recommend what brands i can buy the clothing from? i cant afford high end designers for clothing but can afford brands like mango, topshop etc.

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